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Be 'alarmed' when no one else is.

When there's an alarm, everyone turns his or her head to look. Then, realizing it's of no imminent danger, we go back about our business.

The point here is our heads were turned for a moment and for that moment, we were all eyes and ears on the same fixed point.

Harnessing this is what makes up marketing and business advertising. Of course we all want people to turn their heads and stay affixed on our message if not actually come over and buy our goods and services!

The secret in keeping them affixed is in learning to supply enough sense-stimulating content while balancing it with a trustworthy reason to stay. When you learn how to do this, with an amazing finesse of relevance and dash of clever creativity you'll be the marketing genius we can all look up to.

We have purchased time on radio, television and space in newspaper for years because we are piggybacking these entertainment and information sources with a built audience of viewers and listeners. The alarm is going off and we're trying to keep their eyes and eyes affixed to our message.

Then, along came our own media with our own voice.

Social media has allowed us a loudspeaker but we need something to say to keep attention after the alarm goes off. Only when it's turned on and there are listeners to hear, can we find success and positive response to our branding.

As many can attest, its VERY easy to be ignored socially and of course, no one wants to be loud and obnoxious so where's the balance?

We love helping businesses learn to broadcast their voice. You have an immediate audience once you invest in a loudspeaker & something to say but they'll stick around and become a trusted client or customer when you offer them consistent, personal content & relevant engagement.

Joe Whitbread is the owner of JSM Jo(e) Social Media based in Alberta which has been successful for years in developing corporate strategy to enhance brand status using new and traditional media tools.

Mobilize and include your team to grow your audience and expand your message. Book a training session for your staff in brand enhancement and social media management and strategy, public speaking and keynote conference speaking too. Visit @joewhitbread on each of the professional social media platforms and JSM Jo(e) Social Media too and if you're a human and you actually read this, please message me on my platforms because I'm betting no one will. ;)

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