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Professional Public Speaker, Emcee, Host, Announcer, Voiceover

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Let's help young people rise in their professional aspirations using the same social media channels they love and a few they're yet to discover.

In schools around the province, Joe Whitbread provides educational speaking presentations and assemblies on the topic of “Personal Branding and Social Media Presence”.

Kids and young professionals are finding fast tracked success in education, sports, and desirable roles when their social media represents an authentic but professional personal brand. Cleaning it up, is often the first step. 

Book this fascinating, educational, and inspirational presentation on “Personal Branding and Social Media Presence” for your school assembly, conference, or executive staff now.


A well known voice, presenter, and announcer in Alberta, Joe Whitbread can be the voice and front for your organization's public gathering, award's gala, sports tournament or live event!

With experience at the highest level and in broadcast throughout Canada, Joe brings a professional voice and vision for your organizing committee. 

Easy to work with and respected in every industry, Joe brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge in creating a special event that both honours the cause while also entertaining attendees and guests. 

Joe ensures sponsors, paid guests and stake holders reach their fundraising and entertainment goals at a reasonable budget.

Book early and in advance. Joe's calendar always fills up fast.


Online content,  off stage engagement for guests, live tours and other public appearances can really grow your events' equity and promotional response!

Hire Joe for online appearances and content for your social media or secondary meetings and organizational events.

Joe can be a brand asset and influencer when he's reading to kids, speaking to organizing groups and boards, hosting seasonal events and much more!

If you can think it, Joe can provide a  recognized and respected public speaking voice or visual representation of your project for stakeholders, staff, and guests.

In person and online!

Joe is the cofounder of Jo(e) Social Media and can provide important and effective solutions and coaching  for pre-promotions for events too. 



Joe Whitbread

Joe has spent 30 years as a public speaker and live event host. He's a keynote speaker and school presenter while also representing a variety of organizations as a professional emcee, host, voiceover artist and PA announcer. 

The owner of Jo(e) Social Media in Alberta, Joe presents to kids, teachers, educators and parents about personal branding using social media and making a clean digital transition to life's next chapter.


Joe can be seen and heard in many places throughout the year including minor and professional sports events, awards galas, talent competitions, corporate fundraisers, community events and much more.

Professional Public Speaker, Host, Emcee, & Announcer.

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